Holiday Kathmandu

Information and tips you may need to know

Nepal is probably quite a long way away from where you're reading this and actually going there is! So it's important that you plan it, prepare for it and have some idea of what's going to be happening when you get there.

Not forgetting where you're going to stay of course!

Here's some Articles which I hope will help

What time of the Year?

The weather has a great part to play of course. This article show's you an Annual weather guide with what to expect

Package or Custom?

What type of holiday is the best for you? Is it possible to go it alone? The for's and against's of each type.

Where to Stay

Some ideas and alternatives on where to base yourself. Plus a review of the Hotel I stayed in - Central Thamel

Visas and Airports

The last thing you want is to get there and you won't be let in! Preparation is key and having it all ready will save you a lot of time

Health Precautions

An article about Vaccinations you may need and things to watch out for when you get to Kathmandu

Currency and Money

Nepalese money isn't available outside of their Country so what's the best way of going about this

More articles to follow shortly on where to stay and other tips.


Kathmandu Market Stall

October and November are the busiest times. To get a good deal, book early!

Planning your Trip
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