Photos of Kirtipur City Kathmandu

A very characteristic palce to visit

Uma Maheshwar Temple at Kirtipur. Narrow Street in Kirtipur Outside Bagh Bhairava Bell next to Temple overlooking Kathmandu Rice drying in Kirtipur Everywhere in Kirtipur - Rice ! Street scene Kirtipur Nepal Small Shrine next to Bagh Bhairava Chilancho Mahabihar Stupa, Kirtipur Two statues undergoing restoration in Kirtipur Outside the Bagh Bhairava Temple entrance Swords from the Battle of Kirtipur 1767 Bagh Bhairava Temple Smaller temple next to Bagh Bhairava Temple Bagh Bhairava Temple from west Ancient and modern in Kirtipur Duck street scene - Kirtipur Obviously a Nepalese SoapCharacteristic house next to Uma Maheshwar Temple Kirtipur Starting the walk up to the Temple - Kirtipur

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Kirtipur small shrine

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