Canoe Ride down the Nayayani River, Chitwan

Close encounters with Crocodiles and more!

Up until I went to Chitwan the only Crocodiles I'd seen were either in Zoos for on a TV Documentary and from seeing those I was nervously excited about the Canoe trip.
I thought I may catch a glimpse of one, but in fact came within 10 meters of about a dozen during the hour long journey.

Canoe ride in Chitwan

This River trip was the most wonderful part of my visit to Chitwan, you're placed in a very low boat, low enough to put your hands in the water with about another dozen people, an Oarsman and Guide sitting at the front with the occasional "Oh look, there's a Crocodile attacking a Duck" !

Luckily it seems these creatures are not particularly interested in boats, just the humans inside them should they fall in I'd imagine!

The very noticeable thing about the trip are the sounds and often the lack of them. The River goes from fast flowing to slow so you get the gushing sounds and the gentle flowing sounds but both are over ridden by the beautiful tweets and sqwarks of the many birds, the most seen being various kinds of Woodpecker.

Stopping about halfway along you walk to the top of an embankment and if luck has it you will see on the other side the odd Rhino, many Deer and galloping Monkeys going about their business.

Although an obvious big tourist attraction, you do feel part of it there are no Cafe's parked half way along, it is 100% natural beauty and the whole way down we just saw two or three other boats being drawn bac upstream by sole Oarsmen.

For you adventurous types who want, if only for an hour, to experience how things have been for centuries before us, this is a must.

Footnote - It is advisable to wear good cover from the Mosquitos and / or spray ample protection.

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Rhino at Chitwan
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Boarding Canoe in Chitwan

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