Jungle Walk & Elephant Breeding Centre - Chitwan National Park

A chance to get even closer to nature

The walk through the Jungle path next to the Nayayari River in Sauraha is usually apart of a day package which begins with the Canoe Trip and end visiting the Elephant Breeding Centre.

You disembark from your Canoe in a fairly quiet spot and make your way straight into overgrown Woodland.
Immediately you start you feel the humidity close in on you a bit and find yourself hearing rustling through the ground around you. That's usually because there is something rustling around!

Young Rhino Chitwan National Park Nepal

We were quietly and politely moved by our Guide who told us that should a Rhino start to run at us, we should run away from it in zig zags or climb a tree. I think the first was probably the best option of the two because it seemed that 90% of the trees didn't have a branch within jumping height distance anyway. Maybe it was to add a bit of drama to the proceedings as no one has ever been attacked by one yet......so they say!

One thing which stood out for me, or should I say stood up, were the Termite Nests. There are quite a few of all different heights on your way through and looking very closely at them you could see the thousands of insects all busying themselves building higher and higher as they go. It really is quite a wonder.

If you were hoping to catch an glimpse of a Bengal Tiger very few are seen, they are more a night creature apparently.
We did observe the results of one though, a Deer which had been half eaten by one with two Wild Boar getting stuck into the remains.
Bit of a whiff !!

I'm sure they would not allow anyone to walk in a place of imminent danger so if that area is protected I don't know.

The Elephant Breeding Centre

This is where I had some doubts. There are quite a few Elephants chained up under thatched Shelters some of which were swaying their heads side to side, a sign of boredom and frustration I believe I read somewhere.

The young Elephants are allowed to roam free around the Centre though, I guess the Keepers are in the knowledge they won't venture too far away from their Parents. The adults are apparently allowed to roam around for a few hours a day before being chained up again for the night.

Some report they are there not only for breeding but for training as well. Many Elephants you see on the Rides are privately owned spending most of the day working guided tours with 8 people on each.

It is nice however to see them being allowed to bathe in the River and their Keepers do seem to be quite caring toward them.

I remain open to this part of the Tour.

But a day well spent, you come away with the feeling you have done something different, seen things you have never seen before and felt more a part of our Planet.

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Footnote - It is advisable to wear good cover from the Mosquitos and / or spray ample protection.

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Termite Nest
Termite Nest

Baby Elephant Chitwan
Young Elephant at the Breeding Centre

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