Visiting Chitwan National Park in Nepal

A taste of Crocodile infested waters, jungle and culture

In 1973 Chitwan was the first area in Nepal to be declared a National Park, then in 1984 it was granted World Heritage Site status.
The Park covers an area of nearly 360 square miles and occupies the Terai Lowlands, a largely flat area not dis-similar to many parts of India. In fact the border is only a matter of miles away.

Crocodile Chitwan National Park

It is certainly of stark contrast to the mainly hilly and mountainous parts of the Country and yet again shows the diversity of scenery, peoples and general atmosphere of Nepal.

All roads to the area are served from Bharatpur which also has an Airport.

The most noticeable difference compared to the rest of Nepal is the climate which is not only hotter but quite humid as well.

I had a three day visit to Sauraha alongside the Nayayani River which serves as the centre of activities such as Canoe Rides, Jungle Walks and general observation of the Culture around the local Tharu people.
It is not, for most, an actual long stay holiday destination so you tend to get quite a lot of Package Holiday tourists passing through doing the same as me; Day 1. Arrive and walk around the Villages ending with watching local dancing in the Tharu Cutlure Programme Hall, Day 2 a Canoe trip down the River followed by a walk through the Jungle and a visit to the Elephant Sanctury then Elephant Rides if you so wish. Day 3 is pack your bags and onward to the next port of call.

This area is quite an experience and if you have the chance of going do so but you can't help but notice it sometimes has the feel of a life size Theme Park, the Villagers are used to people strolling around their houses and the Elephant Breeding Centre left me with some doubts.
But everyuone to their own. I'm glad I went, wouldn't have missed it but the things which stuck out most for me were the Canoe Ride and Jungle walk.

Being within a few metres of a Crocodile and Rhino in the wild is a memory indeed!

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One of the many beautiful Butterfly Species around Chitwan

Sunset in Chitwan

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