Weather Statistics for Kathmandu

Temperatures and Rainfall


Weather Statistics for Kathmandu

Strange as it seems being so close to the Himalayas it is an extremely rare event for it to snow in Kathmandu, in fact it has only snowed once in the last 60 years and that was only for an hour or two.

Winters are very dry and moderately warm during the daytime, but as soon as the Sun is setting the temperature can drop quite quickly so don't go out for the day without this in mind.

July and August ( the Monsoon Season) are by far the wettest Month's and although very warm, if you're sight seeing, take a raincoat with you!
Drainage can be a problem, the system is under severe strain so this can cause flooding of Roads in many parts.

Probably the best time to go for holiday reasons is either Spring or the more popular time of October and November, the sun is good through the day and rain is very infrequent. In fact, when I was there for 16 days in October and November, it didn't rain once, during the day I was wearing Shorts and a T-Shirt and in the evening just a lightweight Jumper. Quite nice !

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