The Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu

Two words; Peaceful and Serene

If you have a time during your stay when you're struggling with the hustle bustle of Kathmandu, there's one place you must visit.. The Garden of Dreams.

It is situated just on the eastern edge of Thamel and even if you have directions on how to get there, there's a chance you could walk right past it, the only entrance is quite a small gate in a high wall about 100 meters long.

Garden of Dreams Kathmandu

The road outside is busy, noisy and generally quite chaotic but once you go through the Gate you're in for a big surprise, the serenity, architecture and floral displays are quite overwhelming.

Designed in 1920 the garden was once the property of Kaiser Shumsher.
In eccentric Edwardian style, Shumsher built a plethora of Pavilions, Ponds, fountains and other European style upper class garden features.
There are six Pavilions, each representing the six seasons of Nepal.

Following the death of Shumsher in 1964 it became dormant and allowed to fall into disrepair and overgrown.

In 2000, with assistance from the Government of Austria, work commenced in restoring it to it's former glory. It took seven years.
If you go into the Office and Gallery adjoining the Garden on the far side of the Entrance you will see many photos of the restoration work alongside 'before and after' shots. The work was immense but the staggering result is there for all to see.

The high walls and some buildings protect virtually all of the noise, all you can hear are the beeps of cars, forever present in Kathmandu and Thamel!

The two larger Pavilions are now Restaurants / Cafes, the eloquence of them makes them a little more expensive, but the quality of the food, the cleanliness and quietness makes it a pleasure. Personally I can say I had the best cup of Coffee there during my whole trip!

The Garden attracts more visitors in the afternoons when it seems to be a favourite place for younger courting couples!

Many Tourists go there every day, in fact I did for all the days I was in the City so you get into that relaxing 'ah, there's the chap with the blue hat again' and as I did, get to know the Gardeners who love a sit down and chat.

It's only the beauty of the buildings though, you will see many butterflies fluttering around the fabulous flora and the ever present, ever busy Chipmunks.
According to the Head Gardener they're nuisance, but they live side by side as the Tourists go crazy over them. The Chipmunks are not approachable by the way.

The Garden also has a 350 seater open air Theatre. Oh., and a Swing as well!!

Entry charges are low and if you plan to visit regularly you can purchase a season ticket saving you even more money. Wi-Fi is also available at low cost.

On a Plaque just inside the entrance..

Ah, Moon of my delight,who know's no wane
The Moon of Heaven rising once again
How oft hereafter arising shall she look
Through this same Garden after me - in vain!

from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

After visiting the Garden pop round the corner and opposite the Ministry of Passports there's a huge tree full of Bats ('Flying Foxes'). Quite a sight!

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