Mountain flight to Everest

A one hour flight to see the highest Mountain in the World

Seeing Mount Everest is on quite a few Bucket Lists around the Globe, after all it's the highest Mountain in the World!

For many a trek to Base Camp is either out of the question due to age, health or time allowed, so what other option is better than to go on the Mountain Flight and see it that way.

Mount Everest Tourist Flight - Nepal

There are daily flights by two or three Nepalese Airlines all leaving Kathmandu Domestic Airport.

As the saying goes 'an early bird catches the worm' and the fact is the best time of the day to view the Himalayas is early morning, so expect departure times to start from 6am onwards.

Most flights are in small planes with just one row of seats on each side. Buddha Air fly some of their larger planes with two seats either side of the aisle, but they will only sell window seats so no matter who you fly with, you'll get a window seat.
The route takes you from west to east on the southern side of the Mountains and after passing Everest will turn around and go back the same way, you're ensured a view of the great Mountain itself.

Kathmandu Domestic Air Terminal is to say the least slightly chaotic, there are flights taking off for Pokhara, Lukla and other Nepalese Airports, the signage isn't always clear.
Generally chatting with others who seem as equally lost as you are will help. Another saying 'many hands make light work', so join up other booked on the same flight for the extra eyes and ears awaiting your booking in call.

After take off the plane heads virtually due north and it's only a matter of a few minutes before you see the amazing sight of white peaks stretching as far as the eyes can see.

If circumstances permit, they usually do, everyone on board will get a chance to visit the Cockpit for a premier view, it really is quite surreal.
The Pilot, Navigator or Steward will normally give a running commentary of the other peaks you're passing. Look out for Makalu just to the east of Everest and the distant Annapurna range to the west as you're preparing for landing at Kathmandu.

As you're descending you pass over many little Villages tucked away in a maze of Valley's reached only by long treks. Look out for the Rice fields, a splendid view from above.

The flights last just about one hour, mine was 70 minutes. When I did it the cost was $160 - £97.

From listening to peoples comments after getting off the plane plus my thoughts, I'd say it's worth every penny!

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Mount Everest from Plane

Kathmandu Domestic Airport
The wait at Kathmandu Domestic Airport can be a long one, go prepared


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